Friday, July 22, 2005

I'm ho-ome!

So anyway, Bali was very relaxing.

The food was good.

There was nothing to do.

The kids lived in the pool.

(They got their hair braided.)

We cooled our heels,


and (mostly) got rid of the monkey.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart.

"What am I doing up at this hour?" you ask?


I'm doing my second last task before I go to bed. Tomorrow, very early in the morn, we go to Bali. I have not yet packed anything for self or children. The kitchen is gutless, awaiting the warm and soothing caress of various talented tradies; the washing is piled in enormous baskets, hidden away and awaiting folding when we get back; the cats have been relocated to the back landing, where they are complaining loudly and pitifully; I have finished all last minute writing and financial accounting; and now I'm going to go to bed.

Am I the only person alive on the face of the Earth who is suffering from this rotten cold? Everywhere is warm except in my house. You Eastern Staters are all cosily sleeping in your ducted air-warmed shelters, thoroughly prepared for the winter. Everybody else on the planet is having summer, and half of them are having it in the daytime. All except me. And the Russians. Not the Russians. Poor bastards.

So I'm going to bed. But not before I have a ridiculously hot shower so that I nearly pass out with heat exhaustion, just so I can battle my way through the ceilingless kitchen, down the freezing corridor, and into the unsuspecting presence of my beloved, where I will shove my stubbornly warmth-resistant toes under his delightfully cosy buttock.

I'll try to take photos.

Of Bali, silly.

e-you when I get back :)