Thursday, October 25, 2007



Read any good blogs lately?

This is just to save me time actually looking for any myself.


Maybe everyone is over at Facebook now.

But that's just too much exposure for me. Too much pressure. I'd have to be consistent. I'd miss the anonymity of my nice, dark, slimy little blog.

Heh. Slimy.

Monday, October 22, 2007

It was all downhill from there

First chiild: Is more comfortable in the company of adults than with her peers, as her parents are her first and, for some years, only friends. Shoulders the burden of parental anxiety and expectation, and is thus prone to worry about the future. Is a responsible and capable carer of younger siblings, although at times resents this expectation.

Second child: Lives in the shadow of the first child and, as a middle child, also of the younger sibling. Thus, is highly competitive, and will push the boundaries of decorum in her sense of humour, and the boundaries of safety in her physical activities, in the effort to be recognised as valuable in her own right. Prefers negative attention to no attention at all. Secretly adores and admires first child, and as an older sibling herself, alternately dotes on and resents third child.

Third child: Basks in the adoration of her elder siblings, and revels in the relaxed discipline of her parents. Is naughty and gets away with it because she's cute and her parents are too busy these days to do much about it. Feels no pressure from parents to perform, conform or achieve. Is consequently quick to pick up any skill, and is charming, competent and comfortable in any social setting.

Fourth child: Drools, bites. Thinks normal sibling interaction is being dragged across walls to the tune of "Spider-pig! Spider-pig!"

Saturday, October 20, 2007

But if you, Sit and stare

I wouldn't have said six months was what you'd call a long time.

Yet there it is.

Many and varied precious bloggers no longer blog.

(One feels the reader ought immediately to click on the links and harrass them.)

So what do I read nowwwwwwww???????

At least the man with the bad tempered pants still knows where his computer is. There's still that. (Although he seems to have forgotten where he keeps his telephone.)


Apparently it's not just my teenage daughter who now reads manga. Or watches anime (subbed, not dubbed). This seems to be the new thing.

It makes one quite sentimental.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The eyes have it.

Polly Waffle has spent this year indulging her taste for tragic orphans, vis...


( With continuing sentimental affection for ...


Is it the eyes? I dunno. But I'm beginning to sense a pattern.

Maybe it's the angst. angst. angst.