Friday, February 16, 2007

Hay hay haaaaaaaayyyy!


I've just finished that article - the last draft I really care about, anyway, I've scheduled in all the counselling groups I'll be running over the next 5 terms, the airconditioner is working again, the dishwasher is working again, my linen cupboard looks like it was packed in Stepford, Bill is taking me out for a belated anniversay dinner, Mayday has pretty much finished throwing up, Bill jnr is wriggling appropriately for a kid due to arrive in 7 days and it RAINED today. Am I showing off? Tell me yes. Yes I am. And I'll continue so long as these hormones keep pumping.


I AM THE LIZARD QUEEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just nobody put on any country music and we'll be fine. Especially this one. I couldn't even talk about this song without sobbing the other night.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Smells like rat

Is it a coincidence that my return to blogging occurs just as i begin working on turning my thesis into a journal article?

I think not.

Or that, simultaneously, I have just consumed the second season of Veronica Mars, and am at a loose end, escapement-wise?

Again, I think not.

(BTW: Do you not love Veronica? Do you not?)

It's either this, or baby-clothes shopping. Which is even more painful than woman-clothes shopping. Because at least i know what size i am.

(Another BTW: I know I'm four months behind the gossip, but did you all catch BEVIS' telling of the Sweetums birth story? My. God. Speechless with horror. Too close to home. Muchos kudos to all three.)


Alright, that's enough effort for one morning. I'll get back to you when I remember what my point was.

Oh. Also. I have a new phone-with-camera, and a new laptop. Neither likes the other. They aren't even on speaking terms. I'm planning to sulk until they start behaving themselves, and then I'll pretty this place up a bit.

Monday, February 05, 2007

hello? testing... testing... one tttwwwoo... ttwwwooo


before i expose myself and assorted others to further wanton ... exposure

could someone please tell me if they (or you) can see my unadulterated email address at the top of this page?

i mean, i think only i can see it.

and normally, that would be a thing i wouldn't want to happen, you know, becasue of all the psycho-baggage that sort of thing normally carries, but just for now i want to be the only person who can see what i see.

and then i'll get around to sharing amongst all three of us how this whole pregnancy gig is going. tell me you've been dying to hear.

this offer expires in 2.5 weeks