Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wrapped in goosebumps

I'm rewatching Twin Peaks- haven't seen it since it was on TV.

I had forgotten how absolutely delightful is the Special Agent Cooper. Just wonderful.

That pleased, slightly manic smile he gets when he figures something out. Wonderful.

Oh God, but how AWFULLY scary is Bob?!


hazelblackberry said...

Yes, Killer Bob lurking at the end of the bed. Only remembered by Mrs Palmer afterwards. Shudder. I loved everything about that show, everything. I don't know that I could ever watch it again - too spooky.

Quirkie said...

Even the theme music gives me chills. Polly just doesn't get it. She laughed through most of it. When Bob showed up at the end of the bed I jumped, and she was all like "What?"

The new generation is so desensitised, me thinks.