Wednesday, December 28, 2005

(Affects nonchalance)

But really, we haven't seen the eldest of the two furkids since we got back and I'm worried. Not that I'm a "Mom-blogger" or a "cat-blogger" either, mind you.

But, oh.


Mao the Burmese Cat said...

A beautiful furkid, though not as ridiculously beautiful as me, obviously distressed at having lost its simian.

Will post immediately and tell my armagnac swilling master to do likewise.

Tuppence said...

I hope your wayward kitty finds his way home soon.

BEVIS said...


Grump Les Tiltskin said...

I am most distressed that such a fine looking whuss-puss would just up and wander off.

She does look a tad wilful, though.

Quirkie said...

Hmm. I'm trying not to imagine all the horrible nasty things that could have happened to her.

On the upside, I'm getting calls from nice old ladies in response to the letterbox drop we did, letting us know their keeping their eye out.

Or, as Bill points out, they could be evil old ladies who are checking whether or not the cover for their cat-abduction racket has been blown.

Brownie said...

A woman 2 blocks away knocked on my door about her cat which had been missing 30 days. I said it could be hiding under a house and coming out after dark to eat other pets food off back verandahs . .we walked around a bit calling out Meggsy! Meggsy! ( a marmalade cat named for Ginger meggs) . 2 days later she left a note in my letter box saying it turned up. I hope this true story gives you hope and comfort. Get out there walking round and calling out.